Here are some resources that we think might be useful for people.  If there’s anything you would like to recommend that we add or would like us to find for you, please send us a message!

Mental Health Hotlines
Health Care
Coming Out

Mental Health Hotlines

  • GLBT National Help Center– a call or email based help hotline.  Not 24 hours. 1-888-THE-GLNH (1-888-843-4564)
  • Trans Lifeline– A call based hotline that is staffed by transgender volunteers.  Not 24 hours. (877) 565-8860
  • IMAlive– An online message based hotline that is staffed 24 hours by volunteers.
  • The Trevor Project– Crisis support for LGBT youth, including the 24/7 Trevor Lifeline (866-488-7386) as well as support via chat, text, and social networking.
  • Making a Safety Plan– A safety plan is designed so that you can start at step one and continue through the steps until you feel safe. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can help you through a crisis 24/7, or help you build your safety plan. (1-800-273-8255)


  • Transgender Job Bank– The Transgender Job Bank is a free service that gives listings for companies that are trans friendly.
  • Out For Work– A site that has a board with job listings of queer friendly companies.
  • University of Vermont’s FAQ’s of Transgender Job Seekers– This pdf includes answers to some common questions about gender and name usage on applications.
  • DC Center Careers– Job search and career development program offers the opportunity to work with human resource, recruiting, workforce development, job placement and coaching professionals.
  • HRC Employer Database– Find employers that offer trans healthcare coverage, non-discrimination policies, and diversity training for their employees.


  • Transgender Housing Network– A site where you can find a couch or offer a couch to house a trans person who needs a place to stay.
  • Casa Ruby-  Drop in center; Clothing Closet; translation services; Spanish/English Classes; immigration counseling, support and referrals; HIV testing, prevention and counseling, employment support and more.
  • Queer Housing Washington, D.C.– Facebook group to find new roommates or rooms for rent.

Health Care

  • Whitman Walker Clinic Transgender Health Program– Hormone therapy (MtF and FtM), general clinical services and health care, STD/HIV screening, therapy, referrals, etc.
  • TransLine– Answers for healthcare providers on transgender clinical information and free individualized case consultation.
  • Freed Bodyworks– Trans-accepting massage and bodywork. Therapy also available.


  • National Center for Transgender Equality– Guide to trans legal rights, including employment, healthcare, housing, education, airport security, and more.
  • Know Your Rights in D.C! – Legal rights in D.C. regarding employment, housing, identification documents, interactions with the police, plus how to report discrimination.
  • Whitman Walker Legal Services– Free legal assistance on a number of legal matters important to LGBT health, including discrimination, access to health care, planning for the future, and immigration. The Name and Gender Change Clinic is a free legal clinic held every other month, where trained attorneys provide counseling and assistance with the name and gender change process.
  • Voting While Trans– The NCTE’s guide to voting registration for trans people.


  • Transline– Transgender Medical Consultation Service.  Submit a question and have a medical professional respond with up to date information within two business days.
  • Eva– Exceptional Voice App.  Helps users to train their voices to be more masculine or feminine.  Very binary language, but sounds like a good app.
  • TransActive– Binder Exchange.  Help by donating an old binder or receive a new binder, free!
  • Neutrois Nonsense Advice on Low Dose Testosterone– Read one person’s testimonies on low dose T.
  • Transitioning as Nonbinary– Dara Hoffman Fox explains the process of transitioning for genderqueer and nonbinary people.
  • Underworks Binders– Very good for people with larger chests, but generally not the most comfortable.
  • Love Boat Binders– Not great for people with larger chests, but generally considered to be more comfortable.
  • How to Make Realistic Breast Forms– A YouTube video that shows how to make breast forms at home.
  • How to Make Cleavage– A YouTube video that shows how to use breast forms to make cleavage.
  • A Guide to Hormones for DMAB people– This pdf is aimed at binary trans people, but gives a good overview of estrogen therapy.
  • A Guide to Surgery for DMAB People– This pdf is aimed at binary trans people, but gives a good overview of surgical options for dmab people.
  • FTM Essentials– has a small range of packers and binders.
  • FTM Prosthetics– A larger selection of realistic looking packers.


  • Trans Clothing Trade– A tumblr where people post stuff they are giving away.  Works on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Bras for dmab people– recommended styles at a range of different prices.
  • Play Out– a line of gender neutral underwear.
  • Leo Lines– This etsy sells custom made feminine bathing suits for dmab people.
  • Queer Haircuts- An accepting, affirming stylist in Columbia Heights offers affordable haircuts. To schedule, contact at

Coming Out

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